Climbing gear mass management made easy. Track the lifespan of your ropes, harness and other equipment with limited usage time.
There is also the best lost & found gear service ever! And handy force of the fall calculator for curious climbers :)
Create your gear book

Every gear book's unique address is associated with user's email. Passwordless service.

I've lost my book

Give your email and you'll get the address of your book if the email exists in this service.

Lost & found service

Did you find a gear? Check, is it in this service or tag it on the map. 3 gears found

Force of the fall calculator

Find out which falls can your climbing gear withstand.

What's this?

You probably figured out meaning of domain already. If not, try to read the title again ;)

But yes, you probably have a closet full of metals and fabrics that are not the casual wear. And for sure you know exaclty what do you have and how long can you use it. Expired ropes... yeah you have a list of them somewhere in Excel. A 10 years old harness? Are you serious?!

Here comes This service helps you to keep your climbing gear in order and will remind you about the expired stuff. At this moment there are a few nice features. But while the number of users grows, there will be more features. Take a look at the feature list below!


Expiration notifications
Your expired gear are shown in red. Once in a month checks for any expired gear and sends a list of them by email to the user. This feature can be disabled.
Gear book's public address
This is a simple feature to share your gear list without the fear of abuse. Good for bragging and tracking team's gear to exclude duplicates or triplicates on climbing trips. And any other way you might want to use this public address. You can open public list in the settings.
Lost & found service
The serial number of a found gear can be searched from If the owner has listed the said gear, finder can send them a message through the service. Tagging found gear on the map, if there is no owner in this service yet. Owner can contact the finder if he find his gear on the map.
Fall calculator
Calculate the force of different kind of falls. Compare it to the fall factor and to your gear strength.

Development ideas

Manufacturers' recalls
Notifications of recalled gear in your book when there is a match with reported serial numbers.
Some wide statistics about gears
When the gear data grows, it's nice to have some harsh statistics about the gears for the statistical maniacs.
Do you have some practical feature idea?
Send me your thoughts about this service to info

Provided by Dima. Thanks, Fox, for helping :)